A collection of Lee Lozano's drawings from the years 1963-1964. In these early works, Lozano subjects tools—screwdrivers and bolts, staple guns and hammers—to violent aesthetic scrutiny, fleshing out these objects' manifest chauvinist sexuality into a wildly disinhibited reinterpretation. In Lozano's hands, screws are no longer a neutral means to hang a painting or set a bookshelf but rather explicit euphemisms of sexist logic: anthropomorphized machines aggressively screwing in and out of each other in acts of overdetermined functionality, regardless of pain or pleasure. Includes a text by Sabine Folie.

11 x 8 ½ inches (28 x 22 cm)
cloth-bound hardcover
98 pages, 50 b/w illustrations
ISBN: 0982100655
edition of 500
An Art Service, 2011