Exhibition catalogue published in conjunction with "Bjarne Melgaard/Rod Bianco Super Normal", De Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam, 2010. In addition to offering color reproductions of exhibited works, this publication collects documents related to Melgaard's fictional protagonist, Rod Bianco. A catalogue of African sculptures, an epistolary novel on an expatriate's life in the South Pacific, and promotional materials for Bianco's various entrepreneurial ventures are just a few of the memorable items included for the reader. Throughout this book one witnesses Melgaard expand his violently expressionist art into realms of postmodern literature and militant identity politics. This book also includes a text by curator Ann Demeester and wrapped an unique dust jacket made from the show's numerous exhibition posters.

12 ¼ x 9 inches (31 x 23 cm)
cloth-bound hardcover with unique dust jacket
238 pages, fully illustrated in b/w and color
ISBN: 0982100612
De Appel Arts Centre / Bjarne Melgaard, 2010