Artist book published in conjunction with "An Allegory of Faith...," held December 18, 2008 - February 7, 2009, Gagosian Gallery, London. A takeaway booklet available to gallery visitors, it compiles a series of snapshots taken by Colen of an evening spent wandering Central Park. Colen moves, mostly alone, from the entrance at Columbus Circle to the park's noted Alice in Wonderland sculpture and then into the park's secluded Ramble—a woodland respite whose knotty paths, dim lighting and thick forests make it prime site for both illicit nighttime activities and otherworldly musings. With these snapshots, Colen connects the eerily unpopulated Disney scenes of his paintings to the highly mythologized park central to Colen's hometown.

10 x 6 ½ inches (25.5 x 16.5 cm)
staple-bound softcover
76 pages, fully illustrated in color
ISBN: 1932598863
Gagosian Gallery, 2008