Exhibition catalogue published on the occasion of Dash Snow's 2007 exhibition at Peres Project, Los Angeles. Bookended by full-bleed production stills from Snow's pièce de branlette, the black-and-white film "Untitled (Penis Envy)", are full-color illustrations of Snow's photographic, collage- and installation-based works. Culled from old newspapers and magazines and brought together with a prurient sensibility for the scandalous and the decrepit, the works illustrated in this catalogue marked a poetic new artistic phase for Snow, an ambitious departure from the hard-partying photography and graffiti for which he was earlier known. Also includes several bound-in inserts, like the casting flyer for "Untitled (Penis Envy)" and a photograph of Snow's newborn child nursing.

11 ¼ x 8 ¾ inches (28.5 x 22 cm)
cloth-bound hardcover
268 pages, fully illustrated in b/w and color
ISBN: 0977881997
Peres Projects, 2007